Our video podcasts unravel the multiple layers enriching our art-objects.

Our series of video podcasts explores yet another dimension of the art-objects in our collection. Tune in as we take a step closer to appreciate their visual and material qualities, framed in the myriad backdrops of histories and cultures all around the Islamic world.

Qajar Lacquered Book Cover

The art of lacquer was popular in Qajar objects, adorning boxes and book covers. Get behind the story of this wonderfully painted pair of book covers, depicting marching Qajar troops, in this episode. 

Dala'íl Al-Khayrat

A popular prayer manuscript from Morocco to Terengganu, Dala’il al-Khayrat contains supplications for the Prophet Muhammad, organised by Imam al-Jazuli to days of the week. Explore the religious and artistic links woven in this particular copy from Terengganu in this episode. 

Qur'an Leaf in Gold Kufic script on blue vellum

This episode dwells in the uniqueness of this Qur’an vellum — beautiful letters in gold shining against a backdrop of deep indigo: a renowned masterpiece of earlier Islamic centuries. 

A Pink Quran Folio

This episode traces the links behind this folio’s distinct colour and the teeming relationship of arts and crafts in the al-Andalus and the broader Mediterranean.

Ottoman Powder Flask

Even objects of war are not void of details and decorations. This episode looks at this gunpowder flask — made out of ray, a kind of flat fish — against the background of rising gunpowder empires of the Mughals, Ottomans and Safavids.

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