Our video podcasts unravel the multiple layers enriching our art-objects.

Our series of video podcasts explores yet another dimension of the art-objects in our collection. Tune in as we take a step closer to appreciate their visual and material qualities, framed in the myriad backdrops of histories and cultures all around the Islamic world.


Made by the celebrated Andalusian artist, Muhammad ibn al-Saffar in Cordoba, this astrolabe truly shows how the fascination of the celestial skies were met with accuracy and intricacy in creating scientific tools and devices in Islamic history. 

Mughal Carved Wood Throne with Quranic Verses

This episode looks at this mesmerising piece of woodwork, probably originating in Deccan, India. Combining the uses of a palanquin and a small throne, the intricate use of calligraphy and openwork leaves in this work exude elegance and majesty. 

Ottoman Room

This episode explores the uniqueness of Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia’s Ottoman Room — known also as the Damascus Room — located as part of the Architecture Gallery. 

Calligraphic limar

Beyond paper, calligraphy — a key element in Islamic art — can also be woven into works of textile. This episode explores what lies beyond dyes and threads of this wonderful calligraphic limar from the Malay world.

Incense burner

The episode explores the story behind this incense burner’s unforgettable shape — yet another feat in the quest of combining artistry and functionality in Islamic metalwork. 

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