Our video podcasts unravel the multiple layers enriching our art-objects.

Our series of video podcasts explores yet another dimension of the art-objects in our collection. Tune in as we take a step closer to appreciate their visual and material qualities, framed in the myriad backdrops of histories and cultures all around the Islamic world.

Mina'i Bowl

The episode looks at the unique technique called mina’i, which involves refined techniques in glazing, as well as the distinctive decoration of the horseman and the falcon. 

Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore (r.1782-99 AD)

More than a warrior king, the gallant Tipu Sultan lives on as an indelible legend in Indian Islamic history. Tipu Sultan’s colourful character has been memorialised visually in paintings, and his well-known interest in guns and tigers has left behind a distinct range of tiger-themed weaponry. 

Gold-damascened Watered Steel Sword

This episode focuses on this remarkable shamsir — steel sword — bearing the name of Fath ‘Ali Shah Qajar (r. 1798–1834), and is dated 1217 AH/1802–3 AD. 

Silver-inlaid Cast Brass Bottle

This episode looks at the importance of cities in the Levant, particularly Mosul, in producing remarkable pieces of metalwork, such as this one, under the rule of the Ayyubid dynasty. 

Qibla Compass

Explore how one device is steeped in the importance of Islamic rituals and the long-lasting commitment in exploring astronomy among Islamic cultures. 

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