IAMM’s commitment to research and the growth of knowledge on Islamic art stretches beyond our galleries.

Our publications bridge our curatorial research on Islamic art to the public with its regular releases – on sale at our Shop. While we often work on themes related to our special exhibitions, standalone titles, like guidebooks or photobooks, are regularly highlighted too.

Our collection comes under the close care of our specialists at the IAMM Conservation Centre. Guided by scientific and analytical approaches, conservators work alongside curators to better understand the material condition of the artefacts, providing long-term preservation for generations to come.

The Scholar’s Library is IAMM’s premier hub of intellectual depository and inquiry. The library’s expansive and invaluable collection of books and journals are readily available for scholars and researchers working in the field of Islamic art.

IAMM exhibitions and programmes are a link for the public to learn more about Islamic art and our collection. Read our press releases, or take a look at the news coverage on our activities. Our videos offer yet a step closer in appreciating our collection.

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