Our video podcasts unravel the multiple layers enriching our art-objects.

Our series of video podcasts explores yet another dimension of the art-objects in our collection. Tune in as we take a step closer to appreciate their visual and material qualities, framed in the myriad backdrops of histories and cultures all around the Islamic world.

Rustam kills the mad elephant

Part of the important work Shahnameh, see how fable, architecture and objects all meet in this unique miniature composition. 

Illustrated single folio of a garden scene

Part of the Diwan of Hafez of Shiraz, gardens of blossoming plants are an integral part of Persian poems — a lingering memory of paradise of eternal spring. This episode explores the iconography behind this richly illustrated painting. 

Map of the East Indies

This episode focuses on this map of Southeast Asia by London-based Welsh cartographer Emanuel Brown, tying it to the importance of geography, travel and trade making up much of Malay world history. 

Homage to the masters

This episode explores this fantastic homage by PSTA alumni Naveed Sadiq, honouring a long line of art luminaries and masters throughout the history of Islamic art. 

Illuminated Ottoman Qur’an

Illuminations of Qur’an manuscripts varied from time to time. This episode looks at the Rococo decoration in Ottoman Qur’an manuscripts in this particular piece, as calligraphed by Ibrahim al-‘Afif. 

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