Curator's Sharing Session

The Legacy of Sultan Abdul Jalil Riayat Syah IV (r. 1699-1720) of the Johor-Riau Sultanate

21 March 2024  
10.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.
Education Workshop, followed by a tour at the Malay World Gallery
Free, entries to Special Galleries and other permanent galleries besides the Malay World Gallery are subject to the museum entry fee.

After the fall of the Sultanate of Melaka in 1511, there was a resurgence in numbers of sporadic Muslim sultanates in the Malay World. The significance of the Johor-Riau Sultanate was the unwavering attempts to recapture Malacca and also consolidation of political prowess in the southern Malay Peninsula and the neighbouring islands. 

This sharing session will shed light on one of the important figures in Malay World history, a Bendahara who became a Sultan and ruled the Johor-Riau Sultanate from 1699 until 1720. 

Join our curator who will explore the history, the royal patronage of Islamic art within the region, and most importantly, the legacy of the sultan by highlighting IAMM’s noteworthy collection; the two keris of Sultan Abdul Jalil and a ceremonial tray bearing the ownership mark of the princess, Tengku Khadijah of Riau.

To register, please e-mail your details - full name, institution/organisation, contact number - to education@iamm.org.my

Note: Registration is limited to 40 participants only.

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