Paper-Making Workshop

Join this workshop for a hands-on experience at creating one of history’s most important inventions.

Be introduced to the unique elements of Islamic arts and crafts with this fun-filled, hands-on programme. Choose your activity from our selection of media and theme.

Type of artwork:  Paper
Description:  Our paper-making workshop offers the basic concept of pulping and handmade paper through our hands-on paper making guide. This workshop will educate everyone on making new paper from recycled material. Use your creativity to add your own colour and scent to bring home your very own paper product! 
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Maximum pax per session: 20
Venue: Education Workshop

Price: RM15.00
Special Price (20 pax and above): RM12.00
Suitable for/Age group: 7 years old and above

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