Iznik World

Take a chance at recreating your own artwork with lush floral patterns inspired from Iznik ceramics.

Be introduced to the unique elements of Islamic arts and crafts with this fun-filled, hands-on programme. Choose your activity from our selection of media and theme.

Type of artwork:  Tile/ Ceramic Plate/ Plastic Plate
Description: Indulge yourself in the beautiful floral motifs found on Iznik wares from the 17th century and produce your own art work inspired by similar colours and designs.
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Maximum pax per session: 50
Venue: Education Workshop

Plastic Plate
Price: RM15.00
Special Price (20 pax and above): RM12.00
Suitable for/Age group: 7 years old and above

Price: RM22.00
Special Price (20 pax and above): RM18.00
Suitable for/Age group: 12 years old and above

Ceramic Plate
Price: RM35.00
Special Price (20 pax and above): RM30.00
Suitable for/Age group: 15 years old and above

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