Mirror of Beauty: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia…

Author: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Price: RM25

Year: 2021

Size: (W)18.5cm x (H) 25cm

ISBN: 978-983-2591-20-7

Pages: 97

Islamic art is never purely decorative, it is always functional” is at the heart of this guidebook, which is a children’s version of ‘Mirror of Beauty’.

This children’s guidebook aims to shed light on the often intricate world of Islamic arts and culture to its young readers. Though a carefully curated range of artefacts belonging to the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, each chapter delves into a specific topic, ranging from calligraphy to architecture, culminating in the ‘Islamic Art of the Malay World’. At the end of each chapter, the readers are invited to explore and study an artefact in detail. An added feature allows viewers to listen to our museum curators’ explanations on selected artefacts.

Whether for young readers or those seeking to learn more, this book is an ideal introduction into the Art of the Islamic World.

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