Merdeka 50: A Celebration of Malaysian Art

catalogue_plfAuthor : Dr Zakaria Ali
Price : RM 80.00 (Sold Out)
Size : 11" x 11"
Year : 2007
ISBN No : 983432113-0
Illustration : 88 Colour
Pages : 280

‘Merdeka 50: A Celebration of Malaysian Art’ is a spectacular gathering of Malaysian artists in commemoration of Malaysia’s fiftieth year of independence. Sixty-seven renowned artists offer us their unique interpretations of ‘Merdeka’; through their works of art, in various media, these artists provide different perspectives of Malaysia’s journey as an independent nation.

This publication is a catalogue of the sixty-seven paintings and sculpture on display at the exhibition. Each work is accompanied by a commentary by the exhibition’s curator, Dr Zakaria Ali. More than just a catalogue though, this book contains a fascinating essay on art and nationalism in Malaysia, revisiting the visual elements that embodied, in their time, the struggle for peace and independence. This book is also a tribute to Malaysia itself, illustrating the nation’s progress and the patriotism that surrounds it.

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