Jewels without Crowns: Mughal Gems in Miniatures

2010_jewelswithoutcrownsAuthor : Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Price : RM 135.00
Size : 9.5" x 12"
Year : 2010
ISBN No : 9-789834-469641
Illustration : 120 Colour / 56 BW
Pages : 159

India and gemstones are inseparable. Among the Subcontinent’s most prolific patrons of the jewelled arts were the Mughal emperors, whose adornments dazzled visitors centuries ago and continue to excite viewers today. Complimenting the brilliance of these creations were the miniature paintings of the time. Often likened to jewels, these works on paper do more than entertain the eye; they illuminate as well. By comparing the paintings and the objects depicted in them, the world of Mughal opulence is opened to the reader. Jewels without Crowns brings together two fields of artistic accomplishment by one of the most visionary dynasties of the Islamic world.

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