Islamic Arts of India

06 Islamic Art of IndiaTitle : Islamic Arts of India
Author : National Museum of New Delhi, India & Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Price : RM75.00
Size : 10" x 13"
Year : 2002
ISBN No : 983-2591-00-7
Illustration : 196 colour
Pages : 213
Compiled by the curators of the National Museum of New Delhi in partnership with the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, this catalogue of an exhibition by the same name showcases the artistic riches of the Mughal empire. As a result of the rich resources of India, the Mughal emperors were able to indulge themselves in opulence, spending a great deal of their wealth on the patronage of the arts. Mughal art is a unique amalgamation of native Indian art with Iranian and European influences. The text examines manuscripts, paintings, calligraphy, the decorative arts, jewellery, arms and armour and coins.

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