Formation of a Nation: A Photographic Flashback

fan-catalogue-cover2Author : Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Price : RM 95.00
Size : 26 cm x 29 cm
Year : 2012
ISBN No : 978-983-44696-8-9
Illustration :
Pages : 129

In conjunction with 55th Merdeka and 49th Malaysia Day celebrations, the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia and the National Archives of Malaysia proudly present a photography exhibition and catalogue featuring 72 black and white photos. These photos highlight the history of Malaysia’ s formation and exemplify the symbolism contained in the Jalur Gemilang - Courage (red), Unity (blue), Royalty (yellow), Sincerity and Integrity (white), Islam (the crescent) and Malaysia’ s 13 states and Federal Government (the 14 - pointed star and stripes). Quotes from all six Malaysian prime ministers, past and present, further enhance the message of patriotism and prosperity.

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