Dress for the Body, Body for the…

Title : Dress for the Body, Body for the Dress
Author : Stibbert Museum, Florence, Italy
Price : SOLD OUT
Size : 9" X 12"
Year : 2000
ISBN No : 983-40385-0-X
Illustration : 97 colour, 16 b&w
Pages : 129

A publication researched by the Stibbert Museum in Florence, Italy and edited by the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. The catalogue features 124 male and female costumes, complete suits of armour and accessories such as shoes, gloves and headgear. The text discusses the ‘alternative face of fashion’ far from armour to civilian attire of the two cultures; the Western perception of Islamic dress and an examination of the clothes of the West. It also analyses men’s wear and the tailored form, the clothing of women from outer to underwear, and the meeting point of fashion where East and West mutually influence each other.

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