Divine Inspiration - Seven Principles of Islamic…

Author : Nisreen Moustafa
Price : RM 90.00 (Sold Out)
Size : 11" x 12"
Year : 2008
ISBN No : 983432118-X
Illustration : 114 Colour / 34 BW
Pages : 160

Divine Inspiration - Seven Principles of Islamic Architecture explores the relationship between Muslims and their beliefs, manifested in the built environment. Just as Islam embodies a way of life and serves as a cohesive force amongst ethnically and culturally diverse peoples, it also contains a conspicuous aesthetic dimension.

There is no essential difference between sacred and secular art in Islam. This allows Islamic architecture to symbolise the spiritual path of the religion, transcending the temporal considerations of form and function. Through the study of seven key religious beliefs, a cross-section of Islamic life and practice is united with the corresponding architectural principles.

By integrating religion into all facets of life, and life itself into the rhythms and patterns of its values, Islam manages to create a sense of unity that is reflected in architecture that has been consistently and universally admired.

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