Al-Qur’an: The Sacred Art of Revelation

COVER-QURAN-copyAuthor : Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Price : SOLD OUT
Size : 9.5" x 11.5"
Year : 2006
ISBN No : 9834321104
Illustration : 198 Colour, 19 BW
Pages : 283

Al-Qur’an: The Sacred Art of Revelation examines the many facets of the Qur’an. Through the miraculous words of Allah, the Qur’an inspires and guides with the sacred art of revelation. Selected from the outstanding IAMM manuscript collection, this catalogue displays remarkable Qur’ans as they were written, from as early as the 8th century up to the 20th century AD. Rich in colours and unique in designs, these magnificent works demonstrate the manifest skill of calligraphers and illuminators. The beauty of the Qur’an lies not only in its content and meaning, but also its design and styles of writing.

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