Abrbandi: Ikats of Central Asia

Author : Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Price : RM99.00 (Sold Out)
Size : 9.5" x 11.5"
Year : 2006
ISBN No : 983-40845-8-7
Illustration : 284 colour, 23 b&w
Pages : 192

This publication from the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia accompanies the first exhibition of its type in Southeast Asia. Silk ikats are among the most vibrant textiles of Central Asia. Part of the weaving tradition known in Persian as ‘abrbandi’, they are as stunning to look at as they are challenging to make. The legacy created in the 19th century continues to inspire, many decades after it ceased to be a part of the Central Asian way of life. Its influence has even reached masters of contemporary fashion such as Oscar de la Renta. Including more than 80 of the finest examples, the catalogue displays the museum’s ikats in a manner that matches their boldness.

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