The Sacred Art of Marriage

02_The Sacret Art of MarriageTitle : The Sacred Art of Marriage
Author : Dr Amir H. Zekrgoo
Price : SOLD OUT
Size : 10" x 12"
Year : 2000
ISBN No : 983-40385-3-4
Illustration : 96 colour
Pages : 104
NOTE: This publication is currently not available (updated July 2008)
The catalogue of an exhibition curated by the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia and the Iran National Archive Organization, it features nearly 100 colour images of beautifully illustrated certificates. The text examines the documentation of marriages during pre-Islamic Iran and the Qajar period (18th - 20th century), the distinctive forms and features of marriages that ended in divorce and an analysis of the “literature” of these documents. In addition, there is discussion of wedding vows, Qur’anic verses, a glossary of honorific titles for the bride and groom, and details of dowries.

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