New life of ‘The Procession of the…

This painting has recently completed a two-year recoup from the effects of being 112 years old and not always treated with the attention it deserves. This is especially true of a magnificent painting acquired by us because it’s a big painting and even a bigger conservation challenge. The main challenge is the size of the painting itself [287cm(H) x 294.5cm(W) x 3.3cm(D)].

One of the most challenging process was to remove the harden adhesives from the back of the canvas. Mastering the technique is compulsory to remove the old adhesive layer by applying small amounts of pressure without breaking or detaching the fragile and cracked paint layers on the front surface. Due to limited body position, the conservators cope to used to feel back pain especially to reach to the center of the painting.

Followed by treatment for the paint loss; filling and retouching process. Retouching process have to be ensure that the improvements done follows the conservation ethics where reversible, less visible and harmonized within the area.

Paint loss.
Acrylic paste filling.
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