Road to Medina

21 April 2005 - 21 July 2005
09:30 am to 06:00 pm daily
Special Gallery 2

21 April 2005 – 21 July 2005

Illuminated by verses from the Qur’an and Hadith, “The Road to Madina” exhibition follows the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companion Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq (RA) from Makka to the oasis of Yathrib (the old name of Madina). The path to this land of palm-dates took them to the cave of Thawr, to cross rugged mountain tracks, in the heat of the Arabian desert, to the district of Quba', before ending at Madina.

Take off your shoes, step into the exhibition, and recall the spiritual journey: the Hijrah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Pursue the path that once led the Muslims to "the Abode of Belief."

“The Road to Madina” aims to recollect the main encounters of this formative event, particularly those that became lessons of leadership, faith, bravery, and signs of Allah's guidance that bestowed peace and tranquility.

The exhibition culminates at Madina. The final site of the Prophet's migration (Hijrah) was filled with the welcoming chants of the ladies and the warm greetings of the men. This was soon to be followed by the building of the Prophet’s mosque, the introduction of the Adhan (the call for prayer), the establishing of brotherhood and the drafting of the Constitution of Madina. The exhibition honours this memorable journey of the year 622 AD, which marked the beginning of the Islamic calendar, and signalled a turning point in the history of Islam. Since that day, the name of Yathrib has been changed to Al- Madina, the first city of Islam.

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