Islamic Monuments of India

1 October 2010 - 15 December 2010
09:30 am to 06:00 pm daily
Special Gallery 2

1 October 2010 - 15 December 2010

Photographs by Benoy K. Behl and Abhinav Atris

India has a vast, rich and varied heritage of Islamic architecture. These monuments are an invaluable part of the Subcontinent’s culture and are of particular value as they reflect artistic and cultural links with many other countries.

From the 12th century onwards, Muslim dynasties were established in different places across India. The Mughal monuments of North India are the most well-known. There were, however, many other important centres in which distinctive architectural idioms were created. In the cosmopolitan environment that developed across India, many architectural innovations were seen. Guilds of craftsmen, who had hitherto worked on Buddhist, Hindu and Jaina monuments, now utilised their skills to serve the new Muslim patrons. The confluence of local talent with inspirations from Iran, North Africa, Arabia, and Central Asia resulted in mausoleums, mosques, madrasas, palaces and fortresses that were unique in the history of Islamic architecture.

In addition to celebrated Mughal monuments, this exhibition presents the exquisite mosques and dargahs of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kashmir and other parts of India.  A view of this rich legacy of Islamic heritage is presented through the eyes of Benoy K Behl, one of India’s most renowned photographers.

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